Amendment to GST Return Filing Deadline

Introduction of Amendment: Amendment made to notification No. 44/2019 – Central Tax, dated October 9, 2019.

Extension of Deadline: Taxpayers with up to rupees five Crore turnover in the previous financial year. Principal place of business in specified states and union territories.

Revised Filing Dates: For January 2020: February 22, 2020. For February 2020: March 22, 2020. For March 2020: April 22, 2020.

Different Filing Dates for Other States: Taxpayers from different states have separate deadlines. Based on geographical categorization for ease of compliance.

Purpose of Extension: Provides additional time for filing returns electronically. Aims to facilitate smooth transition and compliance.

Compliance Reminder: Taxpayers urged to adhere to revised filing deadlines. Ensures seamless functioning of the GST system. Pramod Kumar, Director, Government of India