Extensive Amendments to GST Rates for Various Services

The Central Government, exercising its authority under the CGST Act, introduces substantial amendments to notification 12/2017-Central Tax (Rate). Effective from July 27, 2018, the amendments entail modifications across multiple service categories.

Notable changes include exemptions for services provided by old age homes run by specified entities and services by electricity distribution utilities for agricultural use. Adjustments are made to terminology, substituting "value of supply" for "declared tariff" in certain entries.

Further amendments cover services related to warehousing of minor forest produce and licensing of food samples by FSSAI. Enhanced clarity is provided regarding services by educational boards for conducting examinations.

These amendments aim to refine the GST structure, ensuring equitable taxation and facilitating smoother service delivery. The changes reflect the government's commitment to evolving the GST framework for enhanced efficiency and compliance.