Amendments to Tax Rates Under Union Territory Goods and Services Tax Act

The Central Government, based on Council recommendations, introduces amendments to tax rates under the Union Territory Goods and Services Tax Act. Schedule I (2.5%): Removal of S. No. 33A. Addition of Marine Fuel 0.5% (FO) under S. No. 164. Insertion of Wet grinder consisting of stone under S. No. 234C.

Schedule II (6%): Inclusion of Woven and non-woven bags under S. No. 80AA. Insertion of various railway and tramway components under new serial numbers. Adjustment to accommodate slide fasteners parts under S. No. 231B.

Schedule III (9%): Addition of caffeinated beverages under S. No. 24A. Clarification on plastic closures under S. No. 108. Modification for motor vehicles catering to orthopedic physical disability under S. No. 400.

Schedule IV (14%): Introduction of Caffeinated Beverages under S. No. 12A. Schedule V (1.5%): Omission of S. No. 3 and 4. Schedule VI (0.125%): Substitution of the entry to specify precious stones other than diamonds and semi-precious stones.