GST Rate Amendments

Schedule I (2.5%): Ethyl alcohol supplied to Oil Marketing Companies for blending with petrol now taxed at 2.5%. Schedule I (2.5%): Clarification on calcareous stone taxation, excluding marble and travertine. Schedule I (2.5%): Inclusion of fertilizer grade phosphoric acid in the 2.5% tax bracket.

Schedule I (2.5%): Coir pith compost now taxed at 2.5% (excluding branded units). Schedule II (6%): Removal of tax on bamboo flooring; inclusion of brass kerosene pressure stoves. Schedule III (9%): Ethyl alcohol for blending with petrol now taxed at 9%.

Schedule III (9%): Paints and varnishes based on synthetic polymers now taxed at 9%. Schedule IV (14%): Omission of various items including electric accumulators, computer monitors, and televisions.

Effective Date: Amendments effective from July 27, 2018. (Gunjan Kumar Verma) Under Secretary to the Government of India