Comprehensive Amendments to CGST Act Notification on Tax Rates

The Central Government, under section 9 of the CGST Act, introduces extensive amendments to the notification regarding tax rates. Various goods are subjected to revised GST rates across different schedules, aiming to streamline taxation and improve compliance.

Amendments include the addition of new items such as tamarind kernel powder, mehendi paste in cones, and rice bran. Changes in GST rates are specified for specific categories, including sugar boiled confectionery, drinking water in 20-liter bottles, and bio-pesticides. Explanatory notes and adjustments are provided for clarity on tax applicability, ensuring uniform interpretation and implementation.

Ruchi Bisht, Under Secretary to the Government of India, issues the notification. Effective immediately, these amendments aim to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the GST regime. The revisions align with the government's ongoing efforts to simplify taxation and promote economic growth.

Taxpayers and businesses are encouraged to familiarize themselves with these changes to ensure compliance and avoid any potential penalties. This notification supersedes previous amendments and comes into effect immediately upon publication.