Special Tax Procedures for Jammu and Kashmir Transition

Transition Period Defined: Till December 31, 2019, specific rules apply. Applicable to businesses in Jammu and Kashmir until October 30, 2019, and in Union territories afterward.

Tax Period Clarification: October 2019: From 1st to 30th October. November 2019: From 31st October to 30th November.

Tax Payment Requirement: Regardless of invoice details after October 31, 2019, pay applicable tax in November's return.

Input Tax Credit Transfer: Option to transfer ITC from old to new GSTIN. Procedure includes informing tax officers and transferring based on turnover ratio.

State Tax Balance Transfer: For businesses in Ladakh, state tax balance shifts to Union territory tax.

Inter-State Supply Exemption: Inter-state supplies between Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh exempt from specific provisions till transition ends.

Official Notification: Issued by the Government of India's Ministry of Finance, facilitating the transition smoothly.