Order No. 01/2020-Central Tax has been issued by the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) to provide clarity on the revocation and cancellation of registration under GST.

The order specifies the circumstances under which a registration can be revoked or cancelled, such as non-filing of returns, non-payment of taxes, and fraudulent activities.

The order also lays down the procedure for revocation or cancellation of registration, which includes issuing a show-cause notice and providing an opportunity to be heard.

The order clarifies that the revocation or cancellation of registration will be effective from the date of the order, and the taxpayer will be required to pay any tax liability arising from the date of registration till the date of revocation or cancellation.

The order also provides for the restoration of registration in certain cases, such as when the taxpayer has filed all pending returns and paid all taxes due.

The order is expected to help tax authorities in identifying and penalizing non-compliant taxpayers, while also providing relief to genuine taxpayers who may have inadvertently failed to comply with GST regulations.

Taxpayers are advised to ensure timely filing of returns and payment of taxes to avoid the risk of revocation or cancellation of registration under GST.