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Form 10BA: Claim Deduction under section 80GG

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What is Form 10BA?

Form 10BA serves as a declaration for taxpayers seeking a deduction under section 80GG for rent paid on rental property. To claim this deduction, two conditions must be met: the taxpayer must be self-employed or salaried without receiving HRA from an employer, and the taxpayer, their spouse, minor child, or HUF (if applicable) should not own any self-occupied residential accommodation.

To file Form, taxpayers need to provide their name, PAN, address of the rental property, rental details, and the name and address of the landlord.

Let’s illustrate with an example: Arun worked as an employee for the first six months of FY 2019-20 and then transitioned to freelancing. Throughout the year, he resided in rented premises. While employed, he received HRA and does not own any self-occupied property. In this scenario, Arun is eligible to claim a deduction under section 80GG by filing Form 10BA for the rent paid during the last six months, as he did not receive HRA during that period and did not own any self-occupied property.

When to file Form 10BA?

it’s essential to file Form 10BA before submitting the Income Tax Return (ITR) if you intend to claim a deduction under section 80GG for the rent paid. This form serves as a declaration to support your claim for the deduction. Therefore, it’s necessary to complete this step before filing your ITR to ensure that your claim for the deduction is valid and compliant with tax regulations.

How to file Form 10BA online?

A taxpayer has to submit the form online on the e-filing portal. Following are the steps to file.

  1. Go to the Income Tax e-Filing Portal and login to your account by entering your User ID/ PAN/ TAN and password

  2. On the dashboard navigate to e-file > Income Tax Forms> File Income Tax Forms

  3. Search for Form 10BA under the category “Person not dependent on any Source of Income” and click on “File Now”

  4. Select the relevant assessment year and click “Continue” and on the next screen click on “Let’s Get Started”

  5. Provide details for each selection> Click on House Property Details> Enter the required details like the Address of the rented property, Name and address of the Landlord, Details of Rent Paid etc. and click Save

  6. Now click on Declaration> select the check box> click Save
    Preview and proceed to e-verify> select mode of e-verification and Submit> Form 10BA will be filed and e-verified successfully.

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