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How to download ITR V Acknowledgement Form online? Send ITR V to CPC, Bangalore

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What is ITR V Acknowledgement Form?

The ITR V Acknowledgement Form, also known as the Income Tax Return Verification Form, is an essential document in the process of filing income tax returns. Once a taxpayer submits their income tax return (ITR), they receive the ITR V on their registered email ID from the Income Tax Department (ITD). Alternatively, taxpayers can download the ITR V Acknowledgement Form from the Income Tax e-Filing website.

It’s important to note that the process of filing the ITR is not considered complete until the taxpayer verifies it. This verification can be done either by e-Verifying the Income Tax return electronically or by physically sending the signed ITR V to the Centralized Processing Center (CPC) in Bangalore. This step ensures compliance with tax regulations and finalizes the filing process.

A taxpayer can access details of all his ITR filings by logging into Income Tax e-Filing Portal. Income Tax e-Filing Portal has all the details of a particular PAN holder.

Sample ITR V Form

ITR-V - Sample ITR-V Acknowledgement Form - 2020-21

Steps to Download ITR V (Acknowledgement)

  1. Go to Income Tax e-Filing platform
    Log in using valid credentials on the e-Filing portal.
  2. View Filed Returns
    Click on e-File > Income Tax Returns > View Filed Returns

    www.incometax.gov.in - View Filed Returns
  3. Download Receipt
    Click on the option to download receipt which is the acknowledgement form.

    www.incometax.gov.in - Download Receipt

Steps to send ITR V to Income Tax Department, CPC Bangalore

Instructions for Printing and Sending ITR-V

  1. Print the ITR-V Document:
    • Use an InkJet or Laser Printer to print the ITR-V.
    • Print only in black ink to ensure readability.
    • Avoid using a dot matrix printer.
    • Do not include any watermarks on the printed ITR-V.
  2. Sign the Document:
    • Sign the ITR-V using a blue ink pen.
    • Ensure the signature is original and not a photocopy.
    • Do not place the signature on the Barcode; ensure it is clearly visible.
  3. Take Precautions:
    • Do not write anything on the back of the paper.
    • Use A4 size paper.
    • For both Original and Revised Returns ITR-V, avoid printing them back to back.
    • Do not staple the forms.
  4. Delivery of the Document:
    • Enclose the signed ITR-V in a white A4 size envelope.
    • Send the envelope via speed post or ordinary post.
    • Do not send it via registered post.
    • No supporting documents or annexures are required to be submitted along with the ITR-V.
  5. Delivery Address:
    • Send the envelope containing the ITR-V to the following address within 120 days from the date of filing the ITR: Centralized Processing Centre, Income Tax Department, Bengaluru 560100

Once the ITR-V reaches the CPC Bangalore, you will receive an email confirmation. Your ITR will be processed by the Income Tax Department once the verification is complete.

Delay in Verification of ITR

Taxpayers encountering genuine hardship that prevents them from e-verifying their return can seek relief through a condonation delay request on the Income Tax e-Filing portal. However, such relief is granted based on specific criteria:

  1. Genuine Hardship on Merits:
    • The taxpayer must demonstrate a legitimate and compelling reason for their inability to e-verify the return. This could include situations such as illness, natural calamities, or other extenuating circumstances beyond their control.
  2. Genuine and Correct Claim:
    • The claim made by the taxpayer for condonation of delay must be authentic and accurate. Any false or misleading claims may result in rejection of the request.
  3. Assessability of Income:
    • The income for the particular ITR filed should not be assessable in the hands of any other person. This ensures that the taxpayer seeking relief is the rightful owner of the income being reported.

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Official Income Tax Return filing website: https://incometaxindia.gov.in/


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