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How To Pre-validate The Bank Account on the Income Tax e-Filing Portal?

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Why do we have to Pre-validate our Bank Account?

To ensure the smooth receipt of your Income Tax Refund, it’s essential to pre-validate your bank account on the e-Filing portal. The Income Tax Department mandates that refunds are issued only to pre-validated bank accounts linked to your PAN. Here are the services provided by the “My Bank Account” section on the new e-Filing portal, which you can access post login:

  1. Add and Prevalidate Bank Account: Add your bank account details and complete the prevalidation process to make it eligible for receiving tax refunds.
  2. Remove Bank Account: Remove a closed or deactivated bank account from your profile.
  3. Nominate Bank Account for Refund: Choose a validated bank account to receive your Income Tax refund.
  4. Remove Bank Account Nomination: If you no longer wish to receive tax refunds in a particular account, you can remove its nomination.
  5. Enable or Disable EVC: For individual taxpayers, you can enable or disable the Electronic Verification Code (EVC) for your validated bank account.
  6. Revalidate Failed Bank Account: If the prevalidation of your bank account fails, you can attempt to revalidate it.


To utilize the “My Bank Account” services on the e-Filing portal effectively, taxpayers must meet the following prerequisites:

  1. Registered User: Ensure you are a registered user on the e-Filing portal with a valid user ID and password.
  2. PAN Linked with Bank Account: Your PAN must be linked with the bank account that you wish to prevalidate.
  3. Active Bank Account: The bank account should be active and must meet the following conditions:
    • Linked with your PAN.
    • Linked with a registered mobile number (mandatory) and email ID (optional).
  4. Valid Mobile Number:
    • The mobile number should be registered with the e-Filing portal.
    • The same mobile number should be linked with the active bank account.

Steps To Pre-validate Bank Account Details

  1. Log in to the e-Filing Portal
    Login to the e-filing portal using your user ID and password.
  2. My Profile
    Click on the option of profile from the top right.
  3. Bank Account
    Click on the Bank Account option.
    www.incometax.gov.in - My Bank Account
  4. My Bank Accounts Page
    On the My Bank Accounts page, the Added, Failed and Removed Bank Accounts tabs will be displayed.www.incometax.gov.in - My Bank Accounts

Nominate a Bank Account for Refund from Multiple Bank Accounts

  • In order to nominate your bank accounts for refund, visit the bank account page as explained from above.
  • Next, click on the toggle option presented under the “Nominate for Refund” column against the bank accounts you wish to nominate for refund.
www.incometax.gov.in - Nominate Bank Account for Refund
  • Click on continue to confirm that you wish to nominate the selected bank account.
www.incometax.gov.in - Confirm Nomination of Bank Account

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Official Income Tax Return filing website: https://incometaxindia.gov.in/


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