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Accept / Reject Tax Audit Report on Income Tax e-Filing Portal

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Accept / Reject Tax Audit Report on Income Tax e-Filing Portal

Exactly! Under Section 44AB of the Income Tax Act, if a taxpayer’s total income exceeds the specified threshold, they are required to undergo a tax audit conducted by a practicing Chartered Accountant. Once the tax audit is completed, the CA prepares and uploads the Tax Audit Report on the Income Tax e-Filing portal.

Subsequently, the taxpayer has the responsibility to review the Tax Audit Report and either accept or reject it. If accepted, the taxpayer can proceed to file their Income Tax Return based on the audited information. However, if the taxpayer rejects the report, they must provide reasons for rejection, and necessary revisions or amendments may be made accordingly. This process ensures compliance with tax regulations and facilitates accurate reporting of financial transactions to the tax authorities.

Steps to Accept / Reject Audit Report

An assessee needs to follow the below steps to accept/reject the Audit Report.

Login to Income Tax E-Filing Portal

Log in to the Income Tax E-Filing Portal using valid username and password.

Navigate to Pending Action

Click on Pending Action from the dashboard and select worklist from the drop-down.

Worklist dashboard

You can accept or reject the audit report from this dashboard.

Absolutely, once the taxpayer approves the audit report, the filing process is considered complete, and the report is forwarded for processing by the tax authorities. If the taxpayer rejects the report due to discrepancies or errors, the Chartered Accountant (CA) must rectify the issues and make the necessary changes to the audit form. Once the revisions are made, the CA uploads the corrected audit report again on the Income Tax e-Filing portal for the taxpayer’s review and approval. This iterative process ensures that accurate and compliant information is submitted to the tax authorities for assessment and verification.

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