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Register Tax Diductor and Collector on IT Portal

by | May 16, 2024 | Income Tax | 0 comments

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Register Tax Diductor and Collector on IT Portal

In the realm of digital tax compliance, a sanctuary beckons to all tax deductors or collectors, offering them access to the esteemed e-Filing portal. This digital bastion provides a gateway to a myriad of tax-related activities, aiding in their tracking and management.

To embark upon this journey of fiscal enlightenment, there exists but one prerequisite:

The tax deductor or collector must possess a valid and active TAN (Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number), serving as the bedrock of their digital identity.

Additionally, the PAN (Permanent Account Number) of the principal contact must be duly registered on the e-Filing portal. This ensures a seamless connection between the diductor or collector and their digital realm, facilitating efficient access and management of tax-related affairs.

With these prerequisites met, the tax diductor or collector stands poised to navigate the digital landscape of tax compliance with confidence, leveraging the tools and resources provided by the e-Filing portal to fulfill their fiscal obligations with ease.

Steps to Register Diductor or Collector on e-Filing portal

  1. Visit e-Filing portalClick on the option to register.Register Option
  2. Tax Deductor and CollectorClick Others and select the Category as Tax Deductor and Collector.Register Deductor or Collector
  3. Validate TANEnter the TAN of the Organization and click Validate.Validate TAN
  4. TAN available in databaseIf the TAN is available in the database, registered with TRACES and the registration request is not raised already and pending for approval:
    a. Click Continue to view the Basic Details page
    b. The basic details are pre-filled. Click ContinueRegister Deductor Data available in Database
  5. TAN available in the database but not registered on TRACESIf the TAN is available in the database, but not registered with TRACES and registration request is not raised already and pending for approval:
    a. Click Continue to view the TRACES page
    b. Click Register with e-Filing on TRACES to view the Basic Details page
    c. Enter the basic details as required and click Continue
  6. Enter required detailsFill in the details of the person making payments or collecting tax and click Continue.Enter Required Details to Register Deductor
  7. Contact DetailsProvide the contact details including Primary Mobile Number, email ID and Postal Address. Click Continue.Enter Contact Details to Register Deductor
  8. Validate OTPTwo separate OTPs are sent to your primary mobile number and email ID. Enter the separate 6-digit OTPs received on your mobile number and email ID and click Continue. Enter OTP
  9. Review DetailsOn the Verify Details page, review the details provided and edit the details if necessary. Click Confirm.Review Deductor Details
  10. Set PasswordOn the Set Password page, enter your desired password in both the Set Password and Confirm Password textboxes, set your personalized message, and click Register.Set Password
  11. Success MessageA success message is displayed along with the transaction ID. Please keep a note of the Transaction ID for future reference. The registration process is complete upon receiving approval from the competent authority.Success Message

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Official Income Tax Return filing website: https://incometaxindia.gov.in/


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