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Apply for Change/Correction in PAN on TIN-NSDL Portal

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Apply for Change/Correction in PAN on TIN-NSDL Portal

Taxpayers have the option to rectify any inaccuracies or errors in their PAN details by applying for a change or correction. This process can be conveniently done online through TIN-NSDL by filling out Form 49A. Importantly, both Indian citizens and non-citizens alike can avail themselves of this service through TIN-NSDL.

Upon successful submission, applicants will receive a unique token number for reference. They are then presented with three choices to submit supporting documents:

  1. Submit digitally through e-KYC and e-Sign: This method allows for the electronic submission of documents, streamlining the process for those who prefer a paperless approach.
  2. Submit scanned images through e-Sign: Alternatively, applicants can choose to upload scanned images of their supporting documents electronically, facilitating a swift and efficient submission process.
  3. Forward application documents physically: For those who prefer traditional methods, there is the option to submit the required documents physically through mail or courier service.

Steps to Apply for Change/Correction in PAN

  1. Visit the TIN-NSDL portal.
    Click on the Services > PAN option from the dashboard.

    TIN-NSDL - PAN Services
  2. Scroll down the page till you reach the “Change/Correction in PAN Data” section.
    click on the “Apply” option.

    Change or Correction in PAN Data
  3. we move to the online application form. We land on the personal details section. Furthermore, you will be given an option to opt for a physical card.
    Verify the details and click on the “Next” option or click on the “Contact & Other Details” section to proceed.

    Change or Correction in PAN - Personal Details Section
  4. Verify the details and make required corrections or changes in this section.
    And then we move to the “Document Details” section.

    Change or Correction in PAN - Contact and Other Details
  5. Select the supporting documents from the drop-down lists.
    Fill in the declaration form and click on the “Submit” option.

    Change or Correction in PAN - Supporting Documents and Declaration
  6. If you have chosen the e-KYC/e-Sign option under the personal details section, then you will have to upload the supporting documents in the next step.
    You will have to upload your digital picture and signature to complete the application process.

    Change or Correction in PAN - e-KYC or e-Sign and Digital Image and Signature
  7. Once the application process is complete, you will receive an acknowledgment form.
    No need to send any supporting documents if you have done the e-KYC/ e-Sign process. However, for physical submission mode, individual applicants are required to affix two photographs in the space provided in the acknowledgment and cross-sign it in such a manner that a portion of the signature is on the photo as well as an acknowledgment receipt.

    Change or Correction in PAN - Acknowledgment Form

Furthermore, after completing the online application process for PAN change or correction and selecting the mode of document submission, certain supporting documents must be sent to the designated address for verification. These documents typically include a signed acknowledgment, proof of existing PAN, identity proof, address proof, and proof of date of birth.

The supporting documents are to be dispatched to the following address:

NSDL e-Gov at ‘Income Tax PAN Services Unit, NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited, 5th Floor, Mantri Sterling, Plot No. 341, Survey No. 997/8, Model Colony, Near Deep Bungalow Chowk, Pune – 411 016‘.

Ensuring the prompt and accurate submission of these documents is crucial for the successful processing of your PAN change or correction request.

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